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Beautiful Azaleas—When, Where & How You Want Them

Azalea Flower Stages

  • Azalea Flower Stage 1+

    Azalea Flower Stage 1+

  • Azalea Flower Stage 1

    Azalea Flower Stage 1

  • Azalea Flower Stage 0

    Azalea Flower Stage 0

Our Azalea Sizes

  • azalea-size-4.5inchAzalea 4.5"
  • azalea-size-6inchAzalea 6"
  • azalea-size-8inchAzalea 8"

Quick Delivery

Order it today; we’ll ship it today. Panzer delivers nationwide via airfreight (in fact, we go to the airport twice every day), Amtrak, truck, or UPS.

Save on Handling with Ready-to-Sell Product

Panzer offers seasonal and everyday decorative wraps. Plus, if you like, we can also barcode and label your order so it’s ready to sell when you receive it. You save handling costs and start making sales right away.

Convenient Shipping Sizes

We offer completely flexible packaging options. Many customers order our 6-in. pot size in the standard 8-pack. It fits neatly on a standard shipping pallet for easy handling—and lower shipping costs. Want something else? Just let us know. We’ll ship it exactly how you want it.

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